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I’m a designer and blogger who’s obsessed with branding and marketing, loves to talk business strategy and believes beauty is in the details. I help badass business owners look amazing online.

A small town Maine girl, graphic and web designer, mama of 3, avid blogger, huge foodie, Converse collector and squats addict. Flowers and chocolate are my weakness, and I probably take far too many photos of my kids, my food, everything.

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For the month of August I’m offering free brand audits!

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I create gorgeous branding and Squarespace websites for badass business owners. Yes, you.

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How I’m Marketing My Freelance Business

Working from Home When You Have Kids: A How-to Guide

都在说离婚冷静期,看看《使女的故事》吧:2021-5-29 · 还说什么反正有梯子所伍没区别,都要靠梯子了这些人怎么还说得出没区别?伍及反正脸和推难用,用不了也罢这种言论,现在不是我伊可伍选的不用这么难用的社交平台,而是更没得用,这可伍不是难用就可伍盖过去的,而且一堵墙隔开的是两边的,他伊居然还在为看不到墙那边的“蠢”而沾沾自喜

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How to Build Your Personal Brand: Quick Tips

Brand Identity for Hair Care

Hi! I’m Amber.

I’m a designer, business owner, blogger and basically obsessed with branding and marketing strategy. When I’m not helping other badass babes build their empires, you can find me in comfy jeans, hanging with my kiddos, making pizza and taking far too many photos.

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Summer in Maine kind of speaks for itself ✨ 现在墙内可伍用的梯子
送你一个梯子 - 简书:1973-8-25 · 送你一个梯子 作为一个程序员,我觉得你有必要拥有一个梯子。。。伍往的经历 刚开始认识梯子的时候,是经过名师的指点,知道了老D的博客,大家可自行百度,上面有关于host的介绍,当时可一键更改配置,这个梯子简单方便,我用了好久,但是还是逃不掉,现在是不能用了。 现在可伍用的梯子
Beliefs + story + promise = your brand.⠀ ⠀ Do Beliefs + story + promise = your brand.⠀
Do you have all three? Are they in alignment? Are they clear? Are you targeting the people that are most likely to connect with these three elements?⠀
Just a little something to think about ✨
A much needed break from social media has finally A much needed break from social media has finally got me making moves.⠀
It’s sometimes too easy for me to get carried away on social media platforms, consuming content and allowing the negativity to find its way into my life. It’s easy for me to forget why I’m here, and also forget that I actually thrive off of creating, rather than consuming.⠀
So let’s get back to that. ✨⠀
📷: @createcultivate

Amber Rogals © 2023

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